In present page I describe a list and brief description of my research area of interest, so I work or I would like do work about these issues.

  • Energy Building Performance

Energy Building behavior and simulation, dynamic (Energyplus, IESVE etc.) and steady state simulation (ISO EN 13790), thermal bridge, mass and energy trasfert. Building thermo-physic proprieties, Building Physics and Virtual environmental

link: IBPSA – CBE Berkeley  – FormFollowPerformance   – Energyplus  – ESP-r  – IESVE

  • Comfort and Thermal Comfort

Outdoor and Indoor Comfort studies, include indexes (PMV, PPD) and Adaptive Thermal comfort, My aim of research are about cognitive perception indexes for not-standard user (e.g.children) and environmental parameter.

link:   CBE Berkeley – ASHRAE

  • Heritage Microclima & Indoor microclimate (IEQ – Indoor Environmental Quality)

Study of indoor microclimate variables (air temperature, mean radiant temperature, Relative Humidity etc.) in new building (relation between IEQ and building energy performance), and in Heritage Building in order to evalutate manufact conservation strategies, with or without heating.

link:  CDC – WBGD – Berkeley LabISAC CNR

  • Thermo-economics

Analisys of relation between energy and economic improvement: Cost/Benefit, Cost Optimal Level (by Directive 2010/31/UE, also exergo-economics, and other economic index. In the same way I study Energy Performance Contract apply at Italian contest.

link:  paper  – Fresh Project  –

  • Exergia e Low exergy buildings

Exergy is an thermo-dynamics units to define useful energy, and it has been introduce in 1956 by Zoran Rant. Study of exergy allow to evaluate energy efficiency of several energy process (e.g. Combinated Heat and Power System). Lowexergy Group research about exergy application at building.

link:  Annex 49   – Lowex

  • Energy Planning

Study of territory energy indexes by Database (DB Sace Emilia-Romagna Region), also with GIS system ini order to elaborate energy map or other tool for energy planning, renewable planning, etc

link: Eumayors

  • Fuel povery: 

link : FuelPoverty 

  • History of Technical System in Building (heating, cooling, wiring, etc.)

Heating systems, cooling systems, HVAC, gas lighting, wiring etc. are document of human technology history, they allowed man to use building and to live in all environmental climate condition. Since Degree Thesis I study historic construction and heating manual in order to know history development of technical systems. Aims of study is twice: they refurbishment and they role in human and architectural history.

Other issues

  • Energy and landsccape: relationship between energy infastructure and landscape.

  • Architecture for children (education): In my opinion education have a fundamental role in landscape, beauty and heritage, also in architecture quality, against real estate speculation.
  • Infographics: infographics solution are used in order to explain several data in a simply image, in Master Degree Thesis laboratory we study info-graphics in order to communicate, at not expert, the energy performance of building and other physical technique environmental indexes.
  • History of architecture and climate: follow Reyner Bahnam lesson in “Architecture of the Well-tempered Environment” I collected several information and research about relation between energy and building pattern.
  • History of thermodynamic and History of Comfort: Historic manual collection

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